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Spike (last week), Angel (this week)

It looks like I forgot to post an announcement for last week's review, so this week you get a two-fer! Since they're semi-related, I guess it's okay ;)

Spike #5 Recap
Another arc closes this month, without the satisfaction I was looking for. Perhaps, with this new chapter opening in Spike’s life, we’ll get more interaction with the other comic storylines. One can only hope. It can’t just be Spike and his bugs forever, right? [Read More]

Angel and Faith #18 Recap
Eyghon’s still controlling his zombie army and Angel’s still trying to get the real Giles back. Throw in a few flashbacks and the return of a well-loved character and you’ve got yourself the new issue of Angel and Faith. It wasn’t ground-breaking, but at least it moved the story forward a little. [Read More]
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